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Term 3, Week 3 – Friday 13 August 2021

School Production – Juke Box Drama

You should have received by email your unique family code to purchase tickets for the school Production – ‘Juke Box Drama‘ on Wednesday 1 September.
The cost of the tickets will be $25.00 each and each family will be able to purchase up to 3 tickets.
Tickets will be available to purchase through Ticketmaster and at the Bruce Mason Centre. Everyone that attends must have a ticket, including pre-schoolers. The charge covers the venue and technical support.
On Sunday 15 August, any unsold tickets will be offered to the school community who wish to purchase extra tickets through Ticketmaster. Please be aware these seats will not be with your original purchase.

Principal’s Chat

Kia ora everyone

We have had such a wonderful start to the term, with the class programmes and the practises for the production in full swing.  Please remember that unsold tickets will be open for general sale on Sunday.
Also this weekend, if you haven’t already done so, can parents please respond to the School Board survey regarding selection of a project to enhance the outdoor environment for our students. The following link will take you to the survey: Project Survey

I would like to congratulate Julia Knight who has been appointed as the new Chairperson for the Long Bay Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This is a wonderful group of parents who support our school, and provide a valued connection with our parent community. Their next fundraiser, in conjunction with the school, is the School Fun Run, on Friday 24 September. There is more information about sponsoring your child to run in this muddy, colourful event further on in the newsletter.

Last week we also held a hui at our school to discuss the next steps for the petition that was lodged in 2019 to include Waiake Beach as part of the Long Bay Marine Reserve. We recognised the importance of this meeting and our kapahaka formally welcomed the group onto our school. The hui was attended by representatives from the Department of Conservation, Victoria Short from the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, Erica Stanford (our local MP, East Coast Bays) and Vanushi Walters (MP Upper Harbour), Long Bay staff members and a group of our student leaders, Mr Joyes and some of his students from Forrest Hill School,  plus 5 of our ex-pupils (now at Northcross) who played a big part in the initial petition.
There is a great deal to learn about the process of Marine Reserve approval, as well as the environmental benefits. I would like to thank all of those who attended, and will keep you posted on future progress.

I would also like to mention that this week was Maths Week, so there have been lots of fun maths activities across the school, including Jo Patrick’s very well attended lunch time library problem solving sessions. Jo baked number shaped cookies as student prizes (and for our staff meeting) and I know other classes did baking too as part of enjoying counting and measurement (a special thank you to Rebekah Webb and Room 6 for their great baking too!).

Have a great fortnight everyone.


A couple of Important Reminders:

No toys at school please – this includes popper fidget toys.

Be mindful of student safety on the roads outside school. We have also had parents speeding in to the front carpark to drop off late kids. We are a school – there are kids here – DON’T SPEED.
Thank you.

2021 Upcoming Events

18 August

Cluster Schools Winter Sports Day

20 August

Rippa Rugby Tournament

25 August

Class and Individual Portrait Photos

27 August

School Newsletter

1 September

School Production ‘Juke Box Drama’ at the Bruce Mason Centre, 7.00pm (dress rehearsal during the day)

2 September

Final Rippa Rugby Tournament

6 September

School of Board of Trustees Meeting, 6.30pm in the staffroom. All welcome

7 September

PTA Meeting in staffroom, 7.00pm. All welcome

9 September

Sports Teams Photos

10 September

Cluster Schools Football Tournament

10 September

School Newsletter

13 September

Cluster Schools Cricket Tournament

16 September

Manuka team trip to the Botanical Gardens

18 September

Music Concert for students of Mr Morgan and Mrs Thompson

22 September

Year 6 Parent Camp Information Evening

24 September

School Fun Run

24 September

School Newsletter

28 September

Coding Club students to We Learn

30 September

Last day of Term 3

1 October

Teacher Only Day

2021 Term Dates

Term Three

Monday 26 July – Thursday 30 September

Teacher Only Day – Friday 1 October (school closed)

Term Four

Monday 18 October – Wednesday 15 December

Labour Day – Monday 25 October (school closed)

Teacher Only Day – Tuesday 26 October (school closed)

In-Zone Enrolments for 2022

If you have a younger sibling who is going to be turning 5 next year and you are wishing to enrol them at Long Bay Primary, can you please see the Office to make sure that we have the child’s information and birth date to help with our planning for 2022.

Class and Individual Photos – 25 August

Sports Buzz – Term 3, Week 3

School Fun Run
The School Fun Run is the major fundraiser for the school and PTA this year and we would love for everyone to get behind it.

Some statistics to ponder: At present we have 55 students raising money online – out of a total school population of 513. These students have raised $4,615.00 between them! Well done to room 3 who have so far managed to raise $931.00!

If all children were fundraising online it would make such a difference. All profit is going to enhancing the environment for our students, and students collecting sponsors also get the chance to earn prizes.

Yummy Stickers

This is the last term for collecting Yummy stickers, so whether you are already in full swing or just starting, there is still time to earn some sports gear for our school. Yummy Sticker charts are available from the Office. 

Maths Week

This week was national Maths Week in NZ. There were lots of fun activities happening in our classes this week to celebrate maths. Some classes made use of the Maths Week website ‘Daily Dollar’, ‘Survivor Series’ and ‘Codecracker’ problems. There was some marshmallow and spaghetti 3D shapes being made, and some ‘Smarties Maths’ focusing on probability (‘it is impossible that I will find a rainbow coloured smartie in the box’ and ‘it is most likely I will find a red one’). Two classes learning about fractions made fraction pizzas, and another class made fractions with playdough.  Some classes had a ‘buddy maths’ session with their buddy class.  One class learning about time made doughnuts in a doughnut maker and timed the 120 seconds that it took to cook them. Some classes played lots of maths games and did extra problem solving. At lunchtimes there were maths problems to solve in the library. Everyone who came in to solve problems during the week celebrated with a gingerbread number biscuit. There were some prizes for extra hard work, super working out or helping others. What a great Maths Week!

Rooms 23 and 25 making pizza fractions

Room 8 learning about probability with Smarties

Nikau students with their Maths Week prizes for problem solving.

Nikau’s Trip to Howick Historial Village

Last week Nikau visited the Howick Historial Village and dressed up for the occasion. Lots of fun was had by the students as they learnt about historic times. Thank you to our parent supporters for helping out on the day.

Road Safety Poster Competition Winners

The winners of the Road Safety poster competition are being rewarded by our local Senior Constable Tania Wansink. Congratulations to Will, Jackson, Ben, Izzy and Sienna. They had the opportunity to look around and sit in the police car and ask many questions.

Wanted – Exterior Paint

Usable water-based exterior paint required for art projects.
It is important that the paint can be used by students. (Please no ‘solid’ or unusable paint)
Please ensure the paint lid is on and leave it at the school office. (No bigger than 4 litre tins, thank you).

Colour Burst Music Concert – 18 September 

Music Students of Mr Morgan and Mrs Thompson warmly invite you to their annual music concert on Saturday 18 September.

Venue: Long Bay Baptist Church

Junior Concert at 3.30pm. Senior Concert at 6.30pm.

Everyone welcome, gold coin donation at the door. If you have any queries please contact Nick on 021 0896 1641 or Carolyn on 021 173 9305. Thank you for your support.

Join the Walking School Bus

Keen to make school drop off/pick up easier and stress free?  Meet other local parents and get some fresh air and exercise? Have your kids arrived at school energised and ready to start their days learning? 

A walking school bus is a group of children who walk together to/from school with parent supervisors along a set route.  Parents take turns and shouldn’t need to walk more than one day a week.  The other 4 days are free.

Ridge Park Route

Where: Meet at Ridge Park by the corner of Islet Rd and Headland Drive

When: Wednesday and Thursday mornings

What time:  Departs at 8.20am

Contact Sarah if you are interested in joining/coming for a trial:

Coventry Way

Where: from the end of Coventry Way by the walkway

When: Tuesday mornings to start with but more days possible once numbers grow

What time:  Departs at 8.15am

Contact Sonelle if you are interested in joining:

PTA News

If you can assist the PTA on the day of the School Fun Run with making hot chocolate, please email

PTA Vacancies – Communications Liaison

We are looking for a regular volunteer to assist the PTA in a communications capacity. If you are interested in the role, please email

Important School Reminders – Please Read 

No Dogs in Classrooms or in Doorways

Whilst our school welcomes well-behaved dogs with responsible owners who clean up after them, we know that not everyone is comfortable around dogs – and our school is primarily for children.
So dog owners do need to keep their dog away from the doorways to buildings, and not take them in to the classroom.

Absence from School

If your child is going to be absent from school, please email or call 09 473 6077, option 2 and clearly state your child’s name, room number and reason for absence. This is to avoid them being marked as truant.

If you are collecting your child early from school, all parents/caregives need to sign them out at the Office. Children are not allowed to leave school grounds early unless they are signed out. Where possible, please do not arrange to collect a child during break times, as it is extremely difficult to locate them. Morning tea is 11.15am to 11.45am and lunch is 1.15pm and 2.00pm.


A concerning amount of children are arriving late to school. The Office now hands out approximately 30-40 late passes every morning! Please ensure your child is at school, settled and ready for their learning before 8.55am. If your child arrives late to school, they MUST call at the Office window for a late pass. This is so we know they are safe.

Borrowed School Uniform

The office has loaned out a huge amount of school uniform to students and this is not being returned to school. If your child/children has borrowed school uniform, please wash and return it to the office as soon as possible. We are getting low in supply and will not be able to loan out any school uniform in future unless it is returned.

Lost Property

Please regularly check the Lost Property box inside the hall foyer for any missing items of clothing, lunchboxes, hats and drink bottles. Any named items are returned to the students, but there is a large amount of items not named and the box is overflowing. At the end of term, this box is emptied and remaining items delivered to charity.

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