Teaching and Learning

Long Bay Primary School Mission Statement: “To inspire students to become confident, connected, actively involved life-long learners.”

Teaching and learning is about having successful outcomes for children. It is about providing opportunities and experiences that will develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable children to become enthusiastic and confident learners ready to take on the challenges of further learning.
The New Zealand Curriculum sets the direction for teaching and learning. It identifies values to be encouraged, modelled and explored by children, identifies five key competencies to be developed over time and provides guidance for the design and review of the curriculum through the learning areas. Inherent in our curriculum implementation, charter and documentation are the principles, values and key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum and the special features that make us Long Bay Primary School.

At Long Bay Primary we believe in a learning environment where positive self esteem is key to successful learning, children are encouraged to take risks and demonstrate perseverance and resilience.
Children experience a curriculum that makes meaningful connections with their lives. Initiative, independence, cooperation and responsibility are fostered. Effective partnerships are developed between home and school. Meaningful data analysis informs teaching and learning programmes. The effective use of digital devices contributes to children’s learning and teaching, and learning programmes are enhanced through high quality professional development. Class programmes are planned, developed and evaluated according to the needs of the children