Getting children safely to and from school is a priority for all of us. Our school is situated in a cul-de-sac close to Long Bay College. There are times when there is much traffic congestion and pedestrian activity in this area. This is particularly evident at the beginning and end of the school day. Timing your drive to our school to avoid the peak times can reduce the amount of congestion and keep the traffic moving, especially after school. Other ways parents can assist with reduce traffic include: parking at Ashley Park and walking from there to school, and back (this is a safe route for children to walk independently as there are no roads to cross), carpooling with a neighbour, encouraging your child to catch the bus or to walk to school.

Our school also has a Walking School Bus that families can be part of. Children walking to and from school do need to use the pedestrian crossings and to take care. Throughout the year road safety is taught within class programmes. You can also help by talking to your children about potential dangers and advising your child on the safest route to get from home to school and back. Adults do need to model a positive road safe message by using the school pedestrian crossing. The pedestrian crossing adjacent to our school gates is manned by our school road patrols from 8.30 in the morning and after school. Our Year 6 road patrol students are trained by the Police Education Officer and supervised by staff members.

Please ensure you drive slowly in the area outside the school and that you wait until the full crossing is clear before proceeding. Please do not drive over the pedestrian crossing unless the way ahead is clear. Cars stopped on the crossing prevent our road patrol monitors from carrying out their duties. When the road patrol monitors have completed their duties and are coming off patrol, drivers must wait until the crossing is completely clear on both sides before proceeding. Once the road patrols have finished their afternoon duty, the supervising staff member directs any child still waiting back to the hall area. This ensures your child is safe. Other options for getting to and from our school include the ‘Walking School Bus’, and buses. Please note that the crossing at the top of Ralphy Eagles is not a safe place to cross. Unless they are turning left at the top of Ralph Eagles Place, students are to cross at the school gate crossing and walk up the side of the road opposite the school entry.


There is an area for parking vehicles outside the school gates just beyond the main entrance. We ask parents visiting the school, waiting for or delivering children, to please use this carpark. The carpark on the grounds is for use of staff and authorised persons only. Please do not drive into the grounds or park across the gateway, the bus loading area or near the area used as a pedestrian crossing. Students may wait at the two minute drop off area to be collected in the afternoon. Please do not park and leave your car in this pick up/drop off zone as it will create considerable inconvenience to other parents waiting to collect their children. By keeping these areas free we keep traffic hazards to a minimum and the traffic flowing. As it crosses the school driveway, to provide a positive role model for children, walking up and down the grass bank from the car park is prohibited.

Walking School Bus

The Walking School Buses (WSB) is a fun, safe and active way for children to travel to and from school with adult supervision. The Long Bay Primary WSB starts at County Road, goes down Watea Road, along Glenvar Road, up Ian Sage Avenue and down Ralph Eagles Place to school. If you would like to join or find out more information about our existing WSB please look for the information in the school newsletter or inquire at the school office. We are always looking for more opportunities to expand the WSB and add more routes please: if you would like to start a new WSB, please contact the school office.


A free contract school bus (currently Ritchies) serves the Okura – Redvale area, travelling via Northcross Intermediate to Long Bay Primary School to arrive by 8.45 a.m. The Okura bus returns along the same route in the afternoon. The No. 15 North Star bus leaves school each afternoon via Stredwick Drive and Awaruku Road. Bus passes are available from the local stores at a small cost. Both buses leave the school at 3.00 p.m. on the homeward journey. A teacher has the responsibility of assisting the children to the buses after school from the assembly point in the School Hall. A check-list is kept at the school and we ask that you advise us if your child is going to travel to and/or from school by bus. Children must comply with the Long Bay School Bus Behaviour Code. Please click here for the bus routes

Bikes and Scooters

Written permission from a parent is necessary if your child wishes to bring a bike/scooter to school. Students must be Year 4 or over to ride a bike. All riders need to wear a helmet. Parents accept full responsibility for their child’s safety to and from school outside of the school grounds, and the security of the bike/scooter while at school. Please ask at the office for the relevant letter.