Teaching and Learning at Long Bay Primary

Our teaching philosophy is based on best practice research and evidence. We believe in building strong learning focused relationships with our students. Visual learning metaphors are displayed in classrooms.

Learning intentions and success criteria are shared so that students know what they are learning and why. Students are encouraged to discuss their learning with others. Progressions in reading, writing and maths are displayed in classrooms so that students know what level they are working at and what their next learning steps will be.
Teachers work collaboratively in teams with flexibility in grouping and programme delivery. Learning teams participate in a variety of shared activities and events. We recognise the importance of providing students with learning opportunities across the full curriculum. As well as incorporation in the classroom programme, we provide each class with specialist lessons in music, dance, drama and digital learning during the year. At Long Bay Primary we support a move away from the view that knowledge is something that is taught, to the view that knowledge is something that is learned. Programmes such as the new entrant playbased learning sessions and inquiry learning throughout the school reflect this.
Our talented staff have a commitment to supporting our students to engage in a wide variety of learning experiences, these include:
  • Year 6 Waterwise
  • Senior Student Camp
  • Whole School Cross-Country
  • Whole School Production
  • Visual Arts Exhibition
  • Kapahaka group Since Term 2 of 2012, Long Bay Primary School children have the opportunity to be part of a kapa haka group. The group meets at 8 a.m. one morning each week before school, and they perform to the school community during the year, and at a cluster school festival.
  • Team Green Enviro Group We have a beautiful school environment, which we nurture. The staff and students work together on projects which enhance this. Our Ngahere Ako (Forest of learning), Team Green (our students enviro group), our murals and art through out the school reflect this focus. The Team Green students meet each Monday lunch time.

School-Wide Events and Programmes

Throughout the school year we plan for whole school activities where there is a special focus on particular learning areas. Book Week provides opportunity to share and celebrate the joy of books and reading. Maths Week is linked to New Zealand Maths Week and again it is a time for emphasising the importance of maths and problem solving in our everyday lives. Te Reo Maori language sessions are incorporated into the classroom programme. Our integrated studies topics incorporate the Social Sciences, Technology and Science. Students are encouraged to ask questions, look for explanations and to think about the world we live in. As part of the health curriculum, we run the Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) or the Life Education programmes to enhance learning in the health curriculum. KOS focuses on helping children develop the skills and strategies to identify potentially dangerous situations and to respond sensibly and safely. The Police Education Officer trains staff in the use of the programme and parents are invited to an information session. The visit from the Life Education mobile classroom and Harold reinforces important health messages and choices and supports teachers’ classroom programmes. Celebrating children’s learning and sharing their achievements and efforts is part of Long Bay Primary School. Each year we run either the school Arts Exhibition, where every child has a piece of artwork on display, or the whole school production where every child performs on stage. These are great opportunities for you to see some of the things your child is learning and also to admire the talents and abilities of our children.

Support for the Wider Community

At Long Bay Primary School we encourage our children to become aware of events and issues that could affect not only them and the people they know but also others in the local and wider community. We have a Student Health Team who promote healthy living and selected worthy causes. Each year the children participate in activities and fund raising events supporting organisations such as the Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day and Canteen’s Bandanna week. Thinking of others and being able to help is important and we are willing to support people in times of disaster, for example fundraising to support a community following an earthquake.

Water Safety Skills Programme

Year 1-5 children are given the opportunity to develop water confidence during organised swimming instruction during Term 1 each year. The gained skills lead into the Year 6 Waterwise programme. Capable swimmers in year six participate in the Waterwise programme. They learn practical sailing skills at Waiake beach in up to six lessons each during Term 1 and 4. The programme is weather dependent. We also incorporate kayaking and snorkelling into this water safety programme. Parents and teachers who are certified Waterwise sailing instructors guide the students. If you can commit to supporting the school programme and are interested in becoming a sailing instructor (no previous sailing experience required), please enquire at the school.

Special Programmes

Class teachers plan and implement teaching programmes to meet the needs of the children in their classes. A variety of different learning styles are catered for and children have opportunities to work individually, with partners, in group situations and in whole class situations. To allow for both extension and targeted learning support, students are ability grouped within their class for reading, writing and mathematics. There are children who benefit from additional programmes and these could be either for extra support or to extend learning in specific areas. Identification of these children comes from a variety of sources including the results of assessments, observations, discussion with parents and teachers’ knowledge of the child. Learning support for identified students include Rainbow Reading, Reading Recovery and teacher aide support programmes.

Digital Citizenship

To find out more about our digital citizenship programme please click here.