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Term 3, Week 3 – Friday 12 August 2022

Principal’s Chat

I have a standard question I ask when someone tells me they (or their child) is good at Maths. “What is three plus four times two?” It soon sorts out those who know how BEDMAS works and those that don’t. 

As we celebrated Maths Week over the past few days there were a range of challenges that the students were set. From estimating the length of the school field to the number of jelly beans in a jar and just how long is the piece of string your teacher was given, there were a wide range of challenges on show.

Mathex events in the hall were also added to the mix. Each class provided a team of 4. One person ran to show their answer to the judges and bring back the next one. The atmosphere built gradually as each class was either given a new question, or sent back to work on their answer. At the end of the day maths was the winner.

Mathematics is one of those subjects at school that some people enjoy and other people do not. It is our aim to give a positive experience to all students around maths. Using a variety of approaches, like problem solving and ‘real life’ practical activities we try to bring the subject alive and make it fun. I would ask my son when he was at primary school “what did you do for maths today?”. “Nothing” would be the response. “But we did make some biscuits and used the staff room oven to cook them”. In other words, measurement of the ingredients, temperature of the oven, time for the cooking, the list goes on. Real life learning in action without even knowing it.

The answer to my question is 11. Following the BEDMAS rule (which states that multiplication comes before addition), four times two is 8, then add 3. Now the cat is out of the bag I will need a new question…..

We do have a competition for anyone reading this to wrap up the week. What is the distance (to the nearest metre) from the school gate to the office door? You can enter the competition by clicking here – the winner will be announced next week.


2022 Term Dates and What’s On

Term Three

Monday 25 July – Friday 30 September

17 August – Kristin Winter Sports Day

22 August – Totara Year 6s to Auckland Art Gallery

23 August – Totara Year 5s to Auckland Art Gallery

23 August – Manuka Rooms 11 & 17 to Maritime Museum

26 August – Nikau to the Botanical Gardens

30 August – Manuka Rooms 12, 18 & 19 to Maritime Museum

30 August – Kauri Rooms 14 & 16 to Corban Arts Centre

31 August- Kauri Rooms 13 & 15 to Corban Arts Centre

Term Four

Monday 17 October – Friday 16 December

24 October – Labour Day Public Holiday (school closed)

2023 Term Dates

To help you plan ahead for next year here are the school dates for 2023:

Term 1 2023: Tuesday 31 January – Thursday 6 April

Term 2 2023: Wednesday 26 April – Friday 30 June

Term 3 2023: Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

Term 4 2023: Monday 9 October – Friday 15 December

There will be a Teacher Only Day on Monday 24 April and Friday 2 June.

Public Holidays 2023

Auckland Anniversary Day – Monday 30 January

Waitangi Day – Monday 6 February

Good Friday – Friday 7 April

ANZAC Day – Tuesday 25 April

Queen’s Birthday – Monday 5 June

Matariki – Friday 14 July

Labour Day – Monday 23 October

Welcome New Students

A warm welcome to our new students who have started at Long Bay Primary since our last Newsletter:

Zoe, Isla, Kazyiia, Oliver, Savannah, Tory, Lexi, Brooklyn, Sadie, Milan, Cindy and Cici

Seesaw Communication

We are using Seesaw as a key piece of our communication plan. It is quick for us to send messages out to the correct audience effectively. This week Auckland Transport has had issues with the Torbay bus and we used Seesaw to communicate this. Please take a moment to check your Seesaw app to ensure you have accepted invitations to any groups you have been invited to. If you do not have the app on your phone please follow these links:

IOS App Store (Apple iPhone)

Google Play Store (Android Phones)

If you are not sure how to get connected to your child or have lost your login details please check your emails for a Seesaw invitation, which needs to be accepted.

School Policies and Procedures

Our school Policies and Procedures have gone online.

We would like you all to be involved with our School Policies and Procedures. Each term there are a selected that you can check and review. We would like to hear your voice as part of this process. Information on how to access the site is listed below. 

Search our school – it is called Long Bay School on the website. Then use these login details:

Community username:  longbayprimary

Community password: beach

Once logged in, click on the top tab – current review. Each topic under review is in blue font. In each topic there is a green speech bubble, this is where you can send a message to the school with any feedback you have.

Road Safety in Ralph Eagles Place – Update

Constable Simon Fox has been to visit us over the last two weeks to reinforce the road safety message he asked I share with you in our last newsletter. He has asked me to mention what an outstanding job everyone has done to dramatically improve the seatbelt wearing and lack of phone usage while driving. A reminder that it is important that seatbelts stay on until the car has come to a complete stop, just in case you have to apply the brakes suddenly for any reason.

Now the local area around the school and Long Bay College has been reduced to a 30km/h zone we have noticed a reduction in the speed cars are travelling.

Maths Week

This week the school celebrated Maths week with lots of fun activities and games.

Join the Walking School Bus

Keen to make school drop off/pick up easier and stress free? Meet other local parents and get some fresh air and exercise? Have your kids arrive to school energised and ready to start their days learning while meeting new friends? A walking school bus is a group of children who walk together to/from school with parent supervisors along a set route.  Long Bay Primary School have 2 routes we want to get up and running, come and give it a try!

Ridge Park Route

Where: Outside Ridge Park on Headland Drive

When: We need you! If you are keen to join this route please get in touch and we can schedule for a day that suits.

Contact Sarah if you are interested in helping on this existing route:

Moki Place Route

Where: Meet corner Pennant St and Moki Place

When: We need you! If you are keen to join this route please get in touch and we can schedule for a day that suits

Contact Louise if you are interested in helping get this route up and running:

Northcross Intermediate 2023 Enrolment Information

Important School Reminders


If your child is going to be absent from school, you need to inform the child’s teacher and the Office. Please call 09 473 6077, email or click here to report an absence. If your child is late to school, they must call into the Office to collect a late pass.

If your child has tested positive for Covid 19, you need to inform the school as soon as you are able to. Please click here to complete the Google form.

School Uniform

We like to instill a sense of pride in our school’s uniform. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform when they come to school—so please NO bright or striped tights/leggings or different jumpers. There is a selection of second hand uniform for sale in the office or you can buy directly from NZ Uniforms at 19 Douglas Alexander Parade, Albany.

Water Bottles 

Please send your child to school with a filled water bottle, ready for them to start the day. This is to avoid children becoming dehydrated. 

Nut Free and Wrapper Free

Long Bay Primary is a nut free and wrapper free school, please remember to remove wrappers prior to filling the lunch box. We do have a number of children that have a severe allergy to nuts and we ask parents not to include any nut products in their children’s lunches.

Nikau – in the Classroom

This term Nikau team (Rooms 20, 21 & 22) have been learning all about New Zealand’s native birds. Students have begun researching ways to attract more birds to our wonderful school. Over the next few weeks students will be gathering the materials needed for their ideas and creating them. 
Nikau team is looking forward to seeing some of New Zealand’s beautiful native birds during our trip to Auckland’s Botanic Gardens on Friday the 26 of August. 

Sports Buzz – Term 3, Week 3

School Fun Run

Sign up now at

Yummy Stickers

Keep collecting all your Yummy Stickers! The more stickers collected, the more sports equipment we receive. Yummy Sticker sheets are available from the Office.

Junior Tag Trials

East Coast Bays Cricket

Registrations for the cricket season are now open. Please register online at

East Coast Bays Cricket is one of the largest clubs on Auckland’s North Shore, providing cricket for all ages and all levels. The Club is focused on fun, teamwork and performance providing children of all skill levels a chance to learn the game in an enjoyable environment. 

We cater for all children’s cricket from Year 1 through to Year 8, both girls and boys. The uniform comprises a club shirt, club shorts or trousers, and club cap. The Club has the clothing available for purchase and the full range will also be available on muster day. The Club provides all playing equipment required, although you are welcome to use your own. 

Please contact the Club for more information at

PTA News

We are a charity with fundraising going directly to our school, we try to avoid as much cost so we can keep it this way. If you would like to know more about the PTA please feel free to get in touch we welcome your ideas, suggestions and feedback.
 Our next meeting is on Tuesday 13 September, in the staffroom – email us at to let us know you’re attending.  New members always welcome!

Kelly Club Notices

Community Events and Notices

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