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Term 1, Week 6 – Friday 10 March 2023

Principal’s Chat

Kia ora Parents/Caregivers

Growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s there was some must watch television that could never be missed. Aside from the Muppet Show and After School with Ollie Ohlson, Sesame Street was something to never be missed. Big Bird and his imaginary friend Mr Snuffleupagus were my particular favourites. They showed the value of imagination and being kind to each other.

There is no doubt that children’s television has moved on since then, however that value of being kind to another person, animal or the environment is something that Sesame Street still values today with their K is for Kindness song.

At Long Bay Primary we promote kindness within our student community. Please take a moment at home to talk about the importance of kindness. Remind your children that being kind means treating others the way you would like to be treated. It means showing empathy and compassion towards others, even if they’re different from us.

When we’re kind, we create a ripple effect that can spread throughout our school and beyond. A simple smile or a kind word can make someone’s day, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Our next goal is to reinforce that kindness is contagious, and it starts with each and every one of us.

I haven’t seen Sesame Street for a very long time, however some things you experience as a child stick (even a few years on). It is my desire that in 2068 our current Year 1 students will think back about their time at Long Bay Primary and think ‘yes, there were kind people at my school, and I loved it’ and better yet – I was part of making that happen.

Rob Hutton

Industrial Strike Action, NZEI Teachers’ Strike – 16 March

The NZEI has advised the Long Bay School Board that its member teachers at our school will be taking strike action on Thursday 16 March 2023. The Board has carefully considered the availability of non-union teaching staff, and unfortunately decided that we can’t provide normal instruction during the strike so the school will officially be closed for instruction on this day. Accordingly, it is important that you make alternative arrangements for the care of your child/children on the day of the strike as no supervision can be provided by the school.

The Kelly Club will offer supervision for the day if you require it. Reservations can be made by following this link. 

We know that this is inconvenient for parents and students alike. Please be assured that student safety is our main concern. As a Board we carefully considered the implications of closing the school again this term given the disruptions we have experienced already and remain committed to achieving successful outcomes for our students.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Autum Facer on behalf of the Long Bay School Board

2023 Term Dates and What’s On

Term One

Tuesday 31 January – Thursday 6 April

13 March

Rooms 16 and 24 to Mangere Mountain

13-15 March

Born to Move filming onsite

14 March

PTA AGM in the hall, 7.00pm. All welcome

15 March

Y3/Y4 Netball trials at lunchtime

16 March

NZEI Teachers’ Strike – school closed

17 March

Rooms 23 and 25 to Mangere Mountain

20 March

Rooms 13 and 15 to Mangere Mountain

21 March

Mitey Parent Information Sessions

23 March

Y6 Waterwise at Waiake Beach

24 March

PTA Family Friday Evening at 5.30pm

Term Two

Wednesday 26 April – Friday 30 June

Teacher Only Days – Monday 24 April and Friday 2 June

Term Three

Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

Term Four

Monday 9 October – Thursday 14 December

Welcome New Students

A warm welcome to our new students who have started at Long Bay Primary since our last Newsletter:

Nur, Leo and Rae

Absence from School

We are seeing an increasing amount of unexplained absences lately. If your child/children are going to be absent from school, then you must let the Office and class teacher know. This is to avoid your child/children being marked as truant.

Absences can be reported by calling the school on 09 473 6077, select option 1. Emailing the class teacher or or through the school website ‘Report an Absence’.

All absences from school must have a reason so your child/children can be coded accordingly on their student record. Thank you for your co-operation.

Access Via Ashley Reserve Walkway

For any students who would like easy access to the Ashley Reserve carpark please meet the duty teacher at the playground sandpit when the 2.55pm bell goes and be escorted through our new track. We hope this will assist to alleviate the traffic issues in Ralph Eagles Place. The gate is also open in the morning for students to arrive to school this way. The route is currently not pram friendly however, we hope to develop this further as part of the Masterplan process with the Ministry of Education over the next few months.

Mitey Parent Information Sessions – 21 March

The Sir John Kirwan Foundation has designed Mitey with NZ teachers and the University of Auckland to provide an evidence-based approach to teaching mental health education to primary and intermediate aged children.

It is built around the NZ curriculum and embedded into everyday learning, to ensure children are equipped with the age-appropriate skills and knowledge they need to recognise and respond to mental health issues in both themselves and others before they enter teenage years.

Come along and hear about what Mitey looks like at Long Bay Primary.

Tuesday 21 March 2.00pm or 6.30pm

Please click here to register your interest

Room 14

Room 14 has been learning about the recent large storms in Auckland. We looked at weather maps of Cyclone Gabrielle and used white crayon with blue and green dye over the top. We used water to change the value of the hue. They look pretty awesome, don’t you think? Well done!


We are still accepting registrations for Mathletics and will continue to do so throughout the year. So far we have had 56 students pay the $40 for a year of Mathletics registration. We really need at least 60 to make this financially viable for our school.

Please address all correspondence re Mathletics to Jo Patrick who is coordinating the registrations –
Once you let Jo know you’d like Mathletics she’ll arrange for a payment to be set up on Kindo. Once paid, Jo will organise a registration for your child. This may take a few days.

Sports Buzz – Term 1, Week 6


Registrations close on Tuesday 14 March. 
Trials for Year 3/4 teams will be held at lunchtime on Wednesday 15 March. 
Trials for Year 5/6 teams will be held at lunchtime on Thursday 16 March.
‘Skills & Drills’ for Year 5’s and Year 6’s
1 hr sessions. 3.30 – 4.30pm 
Every Thursday (started 9 March). Meet by the netball courts. Parents welcome.
Sports shoes compulsory.
Hockey – Years 3-6
Registrations close on Tuesday 14 March.
We currently need one more Year 5/6 player to form a team. This team already has a coach and manager. We need quite a few more Year 3/4 players to form a team. Please register your child this week on LBP Shop/Kindo if they are interested.
Rippa Rugby – Years 3-6
Registrations close on Tuesday 28 March. We still need more Y5/Y6 girls registering for this sport. It is a very quick, fun game with no tackling involved. Girls play in girls-only teams and only play other female teams.
We also need more boys in all year levels to form the teams. Please register on LBP Shop/Kindo.

PTA News

PTA Parent Helpers

We are very grateful to have a strong and dedicated group of parents on our PTA. A number of parents ask how they can help the school, but do not have the time to belong to the PTA on a full time basis. The PTA will organise a number of events through the school year and cannot do it without your help.

If you are able to help the PTA as a Parent Helper please complete this form. Adding your name to the list will provide the PTA with a pool of parents they will contact to ask for assistance with Disco’s, the Fun Run and other events during the year.

Thank you for donating your skills and time to give our students great experiences throughout the school year.

Kelly Club

Community Notices and Events

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