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Term 1, Week 10 – Thursday 6 April 2023

Principal’s Chat

Kia ora Parents/Caregivers

I am a motor racing fan. It all really started with Formula One and I have been a Ferrari supporter ever since. Not one of the recent recruits thanks to Drive to Survive, more a long suffering fan – one who enjoyed success with Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen, but usually we don’t. It has been 16 years and counting….

The holiday break is a chance for all of us to refuel and refresh ready for Term 2. The start of the year has felt like the recent Australian Grand Prix. Just when it got started it was red flagged, then started and stopped again. 

Despite this when I reflect back on the year so far we have achieved a lot. From the PTA Friday Family Picnic, Born to Move filming, Swimming Sports and the Waka experience at Long Bay beach along with numerous other events. We have been busy. This time of the year is all about relationships. Teachers and students making connections within the class. Setting up a pathway to success for the remainder of the year. The bonds that have been made are huge. Getting to know and understand each other, how everyone works, and getting on together. The groundwork that has been laid now will set up the year ahead.

It is impossible to find the words to thank everyone who has made the start of the year a success. From the teachers, school staff, learning assistants, students, PTA members, School Board and our school community, each and every one of you has made an impact and led to a successful Term 1.

Just like the Australian Grand Prix we have finally made it to the end and are ready for a well earned rest. Enjoy the break, the special time to have together with your children, and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Wednesday 26 April to commence Term 2.

Rob Hutton

2023 Term Dates and What’s On

Term One

Tuesday 31 January – Thursday 6 April

6 April

Last day of Term 1, school closes at normal time, 2.55pm

Term Two

Wednesday 26 April – Friday 30 June

Teacher Only Days – Monday 24 April and Friday 2 June

26 April – 5 May

Rimu swimming sessions at Northern Arena

26 April – 5 May

Pohutukawa Y3 swimming sessions at Northern Arena

2 May

North Shore Primary Schools Swimming Competition for selected students

27 April

Y6 Waterwise session at Waiake Beach

2 May

North Shore Primary Schools Swimming Competition for selected

4 May

Y6 Waterwise session at Waiake Beach

Term Three

Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

Term Four

Monday 9 October – Thursday 14 December

Welcome New Students

A warm welcome to our new students who have started at Long Bay Primary since our last Newsletter:

Alex and Victor

Important School Reminders – Please Read


We are seeing an increasing amount of unexplained absences lately. If your child/children are going to be absent from school, then you must let the Office and class teacher know. This is to avoid your child/children being marked as truant.

Absences can be reported by calling the school on 09 473 6077, select option 1. Emailing the class teacher or or through the school website ‘Report an Absence’.

All absences from school must have a reason so your child/children can be coded accordingly on their student record. Thank you for your co-operation.

Late Passes

We give out late passes at the school date each day to students who arrive at school after the bell has rung. This is because by the time these students get to class it is likely the teacher will have already marked the roll for the day. The late pass indicates to the teacher that we know your child is at school and it means we do not call you because they have been marked as absent on the roll.

Permission Slips

We are making a move towards asking your permission for events and activities online rather than on a piece of paper. This means no more looking in the bottom of school bags for permission slips. You will receive an email with a link to click and follow to give us the information we are after. 

Arrival at School

Our doors at school open at 8.30am. The time until then is invaluable for our staff to prepare for the day. While we appreciate the closure of Glenvar Road has increased travel times and traffic in general at the moment is rather appalling, the closer to 8.30am that students can arrive at school makes it easier for us to deliver the best we can for your children. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  

Contact Details

If your personal contact or emergency contact details need updating, please email It is very important that we have correct details on our student records.

Access Via Ashley Reserve Walkway

For any students who would like easy access to the Ashley Reserve carpark please meet the duty teacher at the playground sandpit when the 2.55pm bell goes and be escorted through our new track. We hope this will assist to alleviate the traffic issues in Ralph Eagles Place. The gate is also open in the morning for students to arrive to school this way. The route is currently not pram friendly however, we hope to develop this further as part of the Masterplan process with the Ministry of Education over the next few months.

Matariki Art Competition

Bookworm Programme – Volunteers Wanted

The school is running a Bookworm Programme again this year. Bookworm is a reading mileage programme that offers additional reading support and practice for some of our students. 

To enable us to run this programme we need parent helpers who are able to commit their time for one block each week. You will be reading with each selected child individually. If you would like to help out, please email Anne Kelly at

Room 17

Through the Mitey programme we support our students in strengthening their emotional wellbeing. Room 17 has been looking at identifying different emotions within themselves as well as in others. We talked about how we feel when certain things happen to us and how we can regulate these emotions. In response to our feelings, we have used simple drawings to express ourselves. Students have also built an understanding that it is alright to feel negative emotions, but we can control our feelings and use appropriate strategies, such as breathing to return us to a calm and happy state of mind.


We are still accepting registrations for Mathletics and will continue to do so throughout the year. So far we have had 56 students pay the $40 for a year of Mathletics registration. We really need at least 60 to make this financially viable for our school.

Please address all correspondence re Mathletics to Jo Patrick who is coordinating the registrations –
Once you let Jo know you’d like Mathletics she’ll arrange for a payment to be set up on Kindo. Once paid, Jo will organise a registration for your child. This may take a few days.

Sports Buzz – Term 1, Week 10

Cluster Swimming Sports Success
On Friday 31 March we took a team of swimmers to the National Aquatic Centre to compete in the Northern Bays Schools Swimming Competition. Our team were enthusiastic, tireless and very supportive of each other. They showed great team spirit and resilience and achieved an amazing result against the other schools. Long Bay Primary were clearly placed first, winning almost every event entered. Congratulations to our swimmers, you were outstanding! Many thanks to the parents who were able to come along and either assist or support our team, we can’t attend these events without you. Well done team!

Flippball Players Urgently Needed

Flippaball is played on Sunday afternoons at AUT Millennium Pools in Albany. It is suitable for children who are confident in and around water. We currently need 3 more Year 4 players to be able to form a team, and 1 more Year 2/3 player.
There is no space for more players in the Year 5/6 team.
Please contact Nikki Douglas – if you would like to register your child to play.

Yummy School Stickers

Promotion has started again this year.  Earn free sports gear for the school by collecting Yummy Stickers – sheets are available from the Office.

The Yummy Sticker company will be switching over to compostable stickers in the next few months.

PTA News

The first term has been a great start to the year for the PTA. The FAMILY FRIDAY PICNIC was well attended and everyone enjoyed reconnecting, and making new friends, even while queueing at the ice cream truck which seemed to be the most popular food truck at the picnic! We are hoping to have another picnic again later in the year.
HOT CROSS BUN DAY last Friday was a treat for the children, and a good start towards our fundraising for the year, thank you for supporting this day. Also a big thank you to New World Long Bay for the delicious freshly baked hot cross buns, we are grateful to have local businesses that support our school and community.
Keep an eye out for some fun events coming up next term like the light up playground and disco!

Kelly Club

Community Notices and Events

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