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Term 2, Week 4 – Friday 19 May 2023

Principal’s Chat

Kia ora Parents/Caregivers

My parents had 3 trees that dominated our back garden. Each had a use at the right time. The pine provided Christmas trees in December and was great to climb until the very small (but essential) branch finally broke. That was a sad day.

The willow was enormous. It provided wood to make bows and arrows out of, and make them my brother and I did. There was only one small problem – roots and the local sewer line. It didn’t go well, especially in the days before cameras could go down pipes. I seem to remember many unfortunate blockages.

Finally the wattle. It was the climber. We climbed, made things in it and really enjoyed playing in and around that tree, there is no doubt it was my favourite. 

Unfortunately Cyclone Gabrielle has caused us a problem. It broke our library. Not from above as the wind and rain lashed – but from below. The Library Tree has an extensive root system under the building and as the wind moved the tree and the rain came down it lifted the concrete slab in the building. Unfortunately in 1996 when the library was extended for the first time the foundations of this extension were not constructed to the standard that we have today. Rest assured the building has been checked by two different engineers and a number of Ministry of Education staff, it is safe to occupy, however it needs some repair work to return it to pre Gabrielle condition. 

To prevent further damage in the future the Library Tree will have to be removed, we have tried however there is no other option. 

There is a silver lining. We intend to use as much of the wood from this tree as possible around the school. We will use it to make a new place to play and have ideas on some exciting new ways to use the branches (assuming the wood is up to it).

We also have 5 new 2m tall trees coming in July from a local apartment building to add to our school grounds. Ironically they were planted too close to the existing building and will potentially cause the same type of issues we have with the library. We have found a place away from buildings, but close enough for future students to enjoy to plant these trees.

I have accepted that I will forever be known as the Principal who cut down the Library Tree. I have tried to avoid it, however all our options have been exhausted. Please be kind, I will need it.

Rob Hutton


2023 Term Dates and What’s On

Term Two

Wednesday 26 April – Friday 30 June

Teacher Only Day – Friday 2 June

25 May

Class, Portait and Sibling/Family Photos

26 May

Senior (Years 4-6) Cross Country, Long Bay Park

26 May

PTA Light up the Playground, 5.30pm – rearranged from 5 May

31 May

Room 23 Parent/Teacher Interviews

31 May

Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) Parent Meeting

2 June

Teacher Only Day – school closed

5 June

Kings Birthday Public Holiday – school closed

7 June

Junior Mathex Competition at Northcross Intermediate (for selected students)

7 June

Room 23 Parent/Teacher Interviews

9 June

Junior (Years 1-3) Cross Country

Term Three

Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

Term Four

Monday 9 October – Thursday 14 December

Teacher Only Day – Monday 13 November

Welcome New Students

A warm welcome to our new students who have started at Long Bay Primary since our last Newsletter:

Catherine, Astor, Yixi and Tai

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Class, Portrait and Sibling Photos – 25 May

Mihi Whakatau Term 2

We welcomed the staff and students who have joined our school community at our Term 2 Mihi Whakatau this week. It was great to be able to use the hall again for the purpose it was built – to meet together as a community.

Pink Shirt Day

We are pleased to announce that thanks to the generosity of the Long Bay Primary community we raised $598.90 to donate to the Mental Health Foundation. Thank you for supporting such a worthwhile cause.

Important School Reminders – Please Read


We are seeing an increasing amount of unexplained absences lately. If your child/children are going to be absent from school, then you must let the Office and class teacher know. This is to avoid your child/children being marked as truant.

Absences can be reported by calling the school on 09 473 6077, select option 1. Emailing the class teacher and or through the school website ‘Report an Absence’.

All absences from school must have a reason so your child/children can be coded accordingly on their student record. Thank you for your co-operation.

Late Passes

We give out late passes at the school date each day to students who arrive at school after the bell has rung. This is because by the time these students get to class it is likely the teacher will have already marked the roll for the day. The late pass indicates to the teacher that we know your child is at school and it means we do not call you because they have been marked as absent on the roll.

Permission Slips

We are making a move towards asking your permission for events and activities online rather than on a piece of paper. This means no more looking in the bottom of school bags for permission slips. You will receive an email with a link to click and follow to give us the information we are after. 

Arrival at School

Our doors at school open at 8.30am. The time until then is invaluable for our staff to prepare for the day. While we appreciate the closure of Glenvar Road has increased travel times and traffic in general at the moment is rather appalling, the closer to 8.30am that students can arrive at school makes it easier for us to deliver the best we can for your children. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  

Contact Details

If your personal contact or emergency contact details need updating, please email It is very important that we have correct details on our student records.


If you have a child turning 5 in the near future, please can you complete an online enrolment application form as soon as possible. This is to assist us with classroom planning. For all enrolments enquiries, please email

Oneroa Kāhui Ako Cultural Festival

In Term 3, we look forward to celebrating the different cultures represented in our schools.

The Oneroa Kāhui Ako Cultural Celebration is on Thursday 31 August at Sherwood School. 

Each school is allocated 15 minutes for their performance(s) which can include two or three items. We are reaching out to our Long Bay Primary community to see if we have any parents/contacts who would be interested in taking a group of students to learn an item for the performance. For example: Chinese fan dance, Bollywood dance etc. We already have a Pasifika group going. 

If you are keen to work with us, please get in touch with Tiffany Krstev at 

Long Bay Regional Park Planting Day

Auckland Council is holding a community planting day at Long Bay Regional Park on Sunday 28 May starting at 10.00am. For further information please follow this link.

Room 23

This term Room 23 have been writing persuasively. We have selected our own topic that we feel passionate about and have organised our ideas to share with the reader. Check out our awesome writing. Can we persuade you?!


Have you ever wondered what to do on weekends? Well then you should get a job. Jobs can be a great experience for kids to save money to pay off mortgages in the future as a backup plan and plus kids can spend some money for treats! This is why kids should have jobs. 

You can have sooooo much fun having a job, whether it’s babysitting, umpiring for games, waitressing or being a lifeguard. You can usually collect more money from babysitting and you also get to know the neighbourhood.

It’s also good to try new things and getting a job is just what you need and is a great introduction to the world for us kids. But it is good to know what job fits you… so take your time.

So, in conclusion, kids should have jobs because we can earn money, have fun experiences and get to know our world better. That is why kids should have jobs.   
By Harper


Do you hate having to keep restarting in a video game to make sure you don’t die? Board games are much better, they help improve focus and thinking, plus they’re really fun. 

Firstly, it’ll help improve your thinking skills. Such as, when you play a board game you really have to be strategic while also thinking of a way you don’t die! Strategic thinking helps real life problems such as to buy a house or apartment, or rent. 

Board games are really fun to play. Though some board games like a game called Risk are really emotional. Monopoly on the other hand is a fun board game using little figurines to move around the board, claiming properties and going to jail.

Lastly, board games improve your focus. Such as when you need to get a drink of water whilst playing, you will probably want to keep an eye on the game. When your Mum or Dad reads out instructions for the game, you will want to listen closely so you know how to play. 

So in conclusion board games are much better than video games. Improving your focus and thinking but also being fun. So would you rather play board games or video games and get square eyes? 
By Torsten

Student Congratulations

Congratulations to Theresa in R23 who has been selected to present Born to Move release 32 for Les Mills next weekend. We are very proud of you Theresa!

Year 6 Camp Fundraiser

Violin Lessons and String Group

One of the instruments that we offer as part of our tuition programme is the violin. If you would like your child to learn at school please contact Ulrike Schwerdtfeger our violin teacher on 021 148 1512 or by email Ulrike is also offering a string group for existing players. If your child would like to be involved please contact Ulrike for further details.

Sports Buzz – Term 2, Week 4

Senior and Junior Cross Country
Cross country training is well underway school-wide. The Year 4-6 students will be competing on a course at Long Bay Regional Park on Friday 26 May, and the Year 1-3 students will run a course at school on Friday 9 June. We need parent helpers to assist at both of these events. If you are able to help out, please email

Yummy School Stickers

Promotion has started again this year.  Earn free sports gear for the school by collecting Yummy Stickers – sheets are available from the Office.

The Yummy Sticker company will be switching over to compostable stickers in the next few months.

North Harbour Hockey Programmes

PTA News

The Light Up Playground event has been postponed due to rain predicted, it has been moved to Friday 26 May, we hope to see you all then!

Join the Friends of the PTA Whatsapp group to get involved, where you are able, in making our school even more amazing. We will post info and opportunities on the group for parents to assist the PTA with any fundraising or events. Join the group by scanning the QR code or use this link
If you would like to join the PTA Committee, please get in touch, the commitment is 2x one hour meetings per term as well as helping out at events where possible. The committee is a great group of parents, who are very welcoming and enthusiastic about supporting our school. We are specifically looking for a secretary to join our team, assisting with minutes and agendas for meetings. Please email for more details.

Community Notices and Events

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