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Term 2, Week 2 – Friday 10 May 2024

Principal’s Chat

Kia ora Parents/Caregivers

One of the awesome things that I noticed when I arrived at Long Bay Primary was the signing that we do while singing the National Anthem. When I was at primary school using sign language was not a thing – unless you were deaf it really did not happen. Until Olly Ohlson came on TV in 1980 presenting After School.

Not only did he bring Māori onto mainstream television but also the use of New Zealand Sign Language. Everyone watched it because it was the only thing you could watch. There were two TV channels and no Internet (much to the surprise of our students today). I am pretty sure by this one gesture Olly made New Zealand Sign Language a thing – he showed us all what it was and all kiwi kids could sign “keep cool until after school”.

In staffing news and just in case you have missed it Tiffany Krstev is pregnant and is about to leave us on parental leave. On behalf of all of us at Long Bay Primary I would like to wish Tiffany and her husband Mario all the best for the next few weeks – get some sleep now, you will need it! 

I would like to welcome Jon Pickford who has taken over teaching Room 23 and as the Team Leader of Tōtara in Tiffany’s place. I would also like to welcome Kelly Lear who is here in Room 12 for the next few weeks as a student teacher.

If you are coming along to the Light Up The Playground event tonight please dress nice and warm, have a good time and be careful not only on the playground but while you are coming to and from school as well, there will be plenty of cars and people about and it will be dark.

Olly Ohlson was a visionary before his time, we all loved him and he knew he had made it when Billy T James mimicked him in one of his skits. I look forward to Long Bay Primary developing students just like Olly.

Rob Hutton

2024 Term Dates and What’s On

13-24 May

Year 3 Swimming at Northern Arena

13 May

Board of Trustee Meeting, 6.30pm in the staffroom

16 May

Hearing and Vision onsite

17 May

Pink Shirt Day – gold coin donation

23 May

Class, Student Portrait and Sibling Photos

23-31 May

Book Fair 

24 May

Oneroa Orchestra Day (for selected students)

Term 2 Key Dates

This document shows you all of the key dates at Long Bay Primary during Term 2.

Welcome New Students

A warm welcome to our new students who have started at Long Bay Primary since our last newsletter:

Makenzie, Matthew, Katiya, Celine, Cooper, Arden, Derek, Lucy, Bianca, Mikayla, Heath, Mack, Olivia, Harlyn, Amy and Max

School Attendance

As I am sure you are aware there has been a considerable amount of attention to school attendance paid by the government and Ministry of Education. It is important that children attend school regularly to ensure they maintain good relationships with their peers and do not miss out on the educational opportunities that regular attendance provides. It is our preference at Long Bay Primary that children attend school as often and regularly as possible.

With this in mind I am confident that if you plan to take your children out of school during term time you have carefully considered the reasons for your trip and appreciate our position that being at school is the best option.

Looking at the data for yesterday we had one of our best days so far this year. Only 28 students were away (5% of our student population). Digging a little deeper 17 of these students were sick, the other 11 were absent because they were away on holiday.

Rob Hutton

Important School Reminders – Please Read

Adventure Playground Before and After School

A reminder that students must be actively supervised by an adult at all times when playing on the playground before and after school. We do not have the staff to supervise this space at these times.


If your child/children are going to be absent from school, then you must let the Office and class teacher know.

Absences can be reported by calling the school on 09 473 6077, select option 1. Emailing the class teacher and or through the school website ‘Report an Absence’.

All absences from school must have a reason so your child/children can be coded accordingly on their student record. Thank you for your co-operation.

Contact Details

If your personal contact or emergency contact details need updating, please email It is very important that we have correct details on our student records.

Wrapper Free School

Lost Property
Please check the Lost Property box, located at the hall entrance, for any missing items. The box will be emptied at the end of every term.

Pink Shirt Day – Friday 17 May

On Friday 17 May we will be having a Mufti Day (non uniform) to acknowledge Pink Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to wear pink and bring a gold coin donation to school that day.

Class, Student and Sibling Photos – Thursday 23 May

Ralph Eagles Place – The Footpath of the Future

We would like to thank the Hibiscus and Coast Community Board, Auckland Transport and Fulton Hogan for the work that has been done in Ralph Eagles Place to widen and improve the footpaths. There is one section left to complete directly next to the school gate. This will provide a safer, less muddy and more efficent way for our students and families to get to and form school.

Sports Buzz – Term 2, Week 2

Over the past two weeks we have had teams of swimmers competing against students from schools all over the North Shore. Our teams have given their best efforts, displayed great resilience and team spirit. Their results have been very impressive and something they can be proud of. We are certainly proud of all the Long Bay students who attended these events. 

A team of dedicated parents came along to assist with transport and running each competition. Their efforts, knowledge and enthusiasm made a huge difference and we’d like to thank them all sincerely for helping out. 


Junior Tough Guy and Gal Competition
We will be doing Tuesday 6th August at Kumeu. We are attending as a school group so the teacher will pick up the race number. Please write Long Bay Primary School.

If you are getting your Parents/Caregivers to enter their children via the Online Entry Process, here is the entry information for your school group:

  1. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the parents select the CORRECT ENTRY, DATE & VENUE for their child
  2. If their kids are not attending as a School Group, they must select “I THE PARENT will pick up the race number”.
  3. If their kids are attending as a School Group, they must select THE TEACHER WILL PICK UP THE RACE NUMBER when they come to the Bib Collection question
  4. Please write the School Name in FULL (i.e. Long Bay Primary School not LBP)
  5. Here is the Online Registration Link:
  6. As long as all of these things are done, I will be able to link all the entrants together and have everything ready for you (or the teacher on the day) to pick up from event registration.

Auckland Kids Marathon
Have you ever run a marathon? Would you like to give it a go? The Auckland Kids Marathon is run in conjunction with the Auckland Marathon on Sunday 3 November. Kids run the last 2.2km on the day, cross the official finish line and receive a medal.

The key information about the Kids Marathon can be found here.

We have created a Long Bay Primary School team. School runs will start on the week of August 7. There will be three 1km runs each week at lunchtimes. The planned schedule to run our 40km before the big day can be found hereThere is a cost to enter. If your child would like to participate please click here to enter. Make sure you join our team “Long Bay Primary School” as part of the registration process. 

Yummy School Stickers
Earn FREE sports gear for the school by collecting Yummy Stickers – sheets are available from the Office. Collect your stickers, add them to the sheet and happy munching! Sticker sheets need to be submitted before 22 October.


PTA News

Playground sessions have SOLD OUT. Families are still welcome to attend the Carnival for the food stalls, activities and games.

Kelly Club Notices

Please email Kelly Club at to register and/or make a booking.

Bricks 4 Kidz 

Community Notices and Events

Click on the link below to participate or learn more:

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