Construction Update Thursday 20 June

The piles for the 2 new classrooms are almost complete and the temporary road has been constructed beside the school to enable crane and building access.

On Friday the team from Rhino Fencing will be here to build a temporary pathway across our courts and fence it off. This will remain until after the trucks and crane leave next week. This fence will mean there is limited access to the school playground while it is up (there will be a gap in the middle to move to the other side of the courts). Please be aware this may create a tripping hazard, however it will be clearly marked by many cones.

After school on Monday 24 June the crane will arrive and be set up in the compound. Early Tuesday morning the two classrooms will arrive and when the sun is up they will be lifted into position. During this time there will be an exclusion zone established and no one will be allowed in the area.

Room 8, 9, 10, 12 and 15 will be off limits. We ask that students in these classes meet their teachers in the hall at the start of the school day. It is anticipated that the lifting will be complete by 9:00am. If this is not the case we will arrange an alternative programme for these classes until they are allowed to return to their rooms.

Access to Room 13 and 14 will be via the back of the school as these classrooms are not affected.

We look forward to this phase of the process being completed and the new classrooms being operational in Term 3.